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I greatly enjoy exercise and staying healthy, however, I've fallen off track this past year or so. I am currently getting back into my usual diet and exercise regimen and hope to see great results from my efforts. I love food and I enjoy cooking, especially baking! I have an incredible sweet tooth, but try not to give in to it too often!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Yay its friday!!! Happy its friday but really bummed about my weigh-in this am...

So I am weighing-in on Friday mornings, so I stepped on the scale this am and quickly jumped off!!! I gained 3 everyone is telling me it is muscle gain bc I have been lifting, however, its a gain to me and I feel like I am failing. It's really depressing for me. I worked so hard at my workouts all week and to gain just sucks!

Breakfast was a packet of low sugar oatmeal and a banana. Lunch was a salad with feta cheese, beans, and 1 hard boiled egg-white...same lunch as yesterday, but I enjoyed it. I am on my break now, so I just had a snack...a large lightly salted rice cake with natural PB on it....i love PB!!!!

Dinner tonight is going to be out. We have a gift card to Cheesecake factory, so I think we will be going there! Yummy!

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